Shoresearch - Walkover Survey

Shoresearch Cornwall

Thank you for carrying out a Shoresearch Walkover survey

Please submit your data using the form below and don’t forget to submit photos of all the species you find, this helps us verify the data. Full instructions on carrying out a Shoresearch survey can be found on the CWT website

Instructions to entering your Shoresearch Walkover Survey data

Please note when choosing the location on the interactive map,  you have to pick either a 100m grid reference square or a 1km square, the system currently does not allow any sizes in between these sizes.

Need help with  estimating quality for your records, view the SACFOR scale here

Trouble identifying a species you have found? please email us at, we will happily help you! Alternatively you can share your photos with us via the Shoresearch facebook page Don’t be tempted to upload photos until you have identified the species to at least a general level, such as crustacean or mollusc.

Explore Shoresearch Data

Once you upload your data it will be stored in the Shoresearch Cornwall Recording Group on ORKS, you must have an account of ORKS and be logged in to explore this data. 

Your data is invaluable for Cornwall Wildlife Trusts marine conservation work and we really appreciate your help!  We hope you enjoyed Shoresearching!



Provide the name of the site. Do not enter a postal address as the information you provide will be visible to others.


Or simply click on your rough position on the map.


Enter the recorder's name, if different.

Please enter all the species you found during the walkover survey, and add photos where possible to help confirm species identification. For Rare Species please give exact numbers (Quantity), and for all other species please use the SACFOR scale.
Step 1
Select a species first
SpeciesQuantityLife stage/SexRecord TypeIdentified ByCommentSensitivityAdd photos

Enter the species name using * as a wildcard, for example '* anemone'. If your having trouble entering a species name, please see the Species Names Help page. For information about sensitivity please refer to the Sensitive Records page.

Please give any more details about your survey. How long were you searching (less than 1 hour / more than 1 hour / more than 2 hours), The general habitat(s) you surveyed within and the area you covered.
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